PhysioPhilosophy Clinic is reopening for selected Face to Face Physiotherapy Consultations

After what seems like the longest, warmest and strangest of times, it is so great to open the doors of PhysioPhilosophy again. I hope that you have kept safe and if you have been unwell, I do hope you are now on the mend.

Whilst sadly I was not required to help out for the NHS, I perceived this as good news in that the wonderful NHS seemed to be coping well in Herefordshire.

I hope you have done something new, or found something new about yourself during this time. I fell back in love with my garden, a huge project that I couldn’t face for years, what with work and after-school activities. I studied a lot, did lots of exercise, carried on with four Zoom Pilates classes a week in addition to my Virtual Physiotherapy consultations, and I started a Strength and Conditioning Study module. Lots of things to help make me a better physiotherapist and a better person.  

Now we have entered the next phase of the pandemic response, but which does not signal a return to the usual ways of working, your safety and the safety of others is paramount to us at PhysioPhilsophy.

We must work within the legal, regulatory and professional frameworks that guide us in the safe management of you, our patients, your families and the wider public.

Every one of our patients will be treated on an individual basis and we will continue to do everything we can to minimize the risk of Covid-19 spread.

Online Telehealth Consultations

Since lockdown we have NOT been seeing patients for Face to Face consultations, but have been busy with ‘Telehealth’- the new buzz word for Virtual Consultations. I understand that this way of working is new to many, however these have been very successful in provision of assessments, recovery plans and exercise progression. With 25 years of experience, I am confident that I can provide an excellent service via a Video link and this is being perceived as ‘the new norm’.

We will continue with Telehealth as a priority, but this second phase has allowed us to see certain patients who fit the criteria for face to face consultations rather than continuing with video consultations. This is in line with the recommendations from our regulatory bodies: The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 

Please call 07779300287 or email Catriona at to make an appointment.

Current Working Practices

Please see the following flow chart to understand our current working practice.

Essential information for the Patient

If you are coming into the clinic for an appointment, it is essential that you read the information below:

  • There will be only one Physiotherapist in the clinic at all times, and appointments will be spaced with a gap of 15 minutes between appointments. This will allow the physiotherapist to change their PPE, clean the room following the Infection Control and Cleaning Policy and to also make sure that there is no overlap with other patients.
  • Pillow cases are disposable and will be changed for every patient.
  • PPE, plinth rolls and pillow cases will all be disposed of following the Waste Management Policy.
  • Physiotherapists will be wearing the following PPE at your appointment. This follows current government guidelines:
  • Non-latex gloves (single use)
  • Apron (single use)
  • IIR facemask (sessional use)
  • Eye protection goggles (if required)
  • The clinic room and the gym area are both large enough to allow the 2-meter socially distance rule to be maintained for subjective assessments, most of the objective assessments and 1:1 Pilates sessions.
  • The clinic will be deep cleaned at least twice a week.

What we ask of you?

A Consent Form for Face to Face Consultation will be emailed to you before your appointment. This must be signed and emailed back or brought with you for your appointment.

Current guidelines are that you, as a patient, are required to wear a facemask for the whole consultation. Whilst this may not be very comfortable, we have to ensure your safety. PhysioPhilosophy will supply you with one, should you not have your own. This guidance may change, so we will keep you informed of this.

You are asked to either wash your hands or use a hand rub with alcohol-based gel before you enter, the clinic.

You are asked to come to you appointment on time and not too early, to allow time for cleaning and to avoid other patient contact.  

Please use the toilet at home or work, before you come into the clinic.

We have done everything we can to reduce the risk of our staff and you, contracting Covid-19. However, if you come for face to face treatment, please be aware that there is no way that we can eliminate the risk of you contracting Covid-19.

  • Please do not attend if either you or one of your household is in one of the higher risk groups including, but not exclusively, those who are immunosuppressed, those with underlying heart or lung conditions or and those over the age of 75.
  • Please do not attend if you have not been following the government guidelines for social distancing. If you are unsure of these please follow this link:
  • Please do not come in if either you or one of your household has been ill in the last two weeks. Including, but not exclusively, the following symptoms: fever over 38 degrees, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, head aches or fatigue.
  • If you develop any symptoms in the two weeks following your consultation please notify us immediately. 

You will find our comprehensive “COVID-19 Policies and Procedures” document in the Latest News section of the website.

I understand that this may seem daunting, however please reassured that we are prepared and are taking your safely very seriously. Please contact us if you have any questions at:

With kind regards

Catriona Hopkins
Director, PhysioPhilosophy Clinic