I heard about Cat via a mutual friend and decided to get some treatment for my long standing groin and hip pain. After Cat took a detailed history and full examination she reassured me that my hips and back seemed in good order, advised that I needed to engage my core in order to support these areas. Since being mindful of engaging my core before certain movements my hip and groin pain has eased and almost gone!
I’m looking forward to commencing her Friday morning Pilates class  to target this area to gain more strength !

My 11 year old daughter has been treated by Cat  for the passed 2 months for heal and knee pain. After a comprehensive assessment Cat made a diagnosis and suggested an exercise programme together with other advice of how to manage the condition. Cat liaised with the GP requesting further tests which confirmed the diagnosis. She explained to my daughter the relevance of getting stronger in order to enhance her performance in sports and protect her from further injury. Her professional manner and good communication skills with my daughter made her feel at ease as well as providing her with a good understanding of the rationale for each exercise. This is crucial as it helps with compliance to the exercise programme!  We are very pleased with the progress being made and feel well supported by Cat.
Having a Physio as part of the sports team at HCS is a great assets for the children and their families.

“I was lucky enough to have a personal recommendation for Cat. I had been suffering with back and hip problems for some time and nobody had really given me any solutions or told me what the root cause of the problems actually were. I was very happy to receive a thorough examination with a holistic approach, a full explanation/ opinion of what the problems were and key points to progress. Additionally, I was given some exercise ideas for me to help myself. I would certainly recommend Cat to anybody seeking to get to the source of their problem when their body is not working as well as it should; to help you get on the road to recovery”.

“I had the pleasure of being part of one of Cat’s weekly Pilates classes. She was always cheery, patient and, above all, clear and precise in her teaching. She always ensured that I had a range of exercise options depending on how my body was feeling, and encouraged further effort when appropriate. Cat’s calm and reassuring approach to all she does is fabulous and I’d recommend her to anyone thinking of Pilates- beginners and experts alike. I’m disappointed to be unable to participate in any  more of Cat’s classes (due to moving)”.

“I was treated by Cat for 6 months when suffering a slipped disc and sciatica pain, which came about in the final stages of my first pregnancy. Cat took the time to explain my condition and set me a realistic and achievable step by step programme to aid my recovery. As well as my physical recovery, Cat’s sensitive and kind manner helped to build my confidence during my treatment”.