Child Physiotherapy and Management in Sport

At no time in life is Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions, Risk Prevention Strategies, Tailored Training and Nutritional Advice more important than in childhood and adolescence.

Children and adults alike suffer many similar injuries, however there are also some significant differences in the type of injuries sustained by children and adolescents because of the structural differences of growing bone compared with adult bone.

Also, HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH for a child? Child and Adolescent injuries in youth sport are rising and the sad fact about this is that it can be preventable through Injury Prevention program such as the FIFA 11+.

Our aim at PhysioPhilosophy is:

  • To support the health of children with injury through accurate diagnosis and treatment approaches
  • To optimise health in all children involved in sport
  • To increase activity levels in the more sedentary youth population
  • To inspire and educate

Catriona has a wealth of experience in youth sports being involved in youth rugby, gymnastics and swimming. Her passion to develop an approach to health care delivery that ensures children receive a comprehensive integrated approach has led her to the exciting new role of Lead Physiotherapist at Hereford Cathedral School.