Modified Pilates

Have you already tried Pilates or circuit classes for your injury and feel no better or perhaps worse?

Maybe you need a few one to one sessions or try our Modified Pilates classes. Modified Pilates is different from the more Traditional Pilates and Core classes and has been proven to reduce back and neck pain.  Modified Pilates is a Rehabilitation Based Pilates, designed by physiotherapists and uses traditional Pilates exercises broken down and modified to be suitable for a population struggling with recurrent injuries or illness. Exercises can be taken to an advanced level, so you will be challenged at all times. There is no age range, it is great fun and perfect to improve balance, posture, sporting performance and joint flexibility.

Online Pilates Classes 

Throughout lockdown, we have continued to deliver many successful Pilates classes online through the Zoom Platform. I wanted all my clients to carry on with their exercises, and to not lose any of the great benefits that regular Pilates gives. With the success of this so far, PhysioPhilosophy is looking to expand further providing more virtual Pilates classes and one to one sessions. Watch this space !

Please call Catriona Hopkins 07779300287 or email if you are interested.